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Medical practitioners like you know it—the solution to any tough problem is more data. From tricky diagnoses to complex treatment plans, when you have more information at hand, you make better decisions.

The same is true when searching for medical office real estate. The more property choices you have (and the more you know about each), the better position you’ll be in to choose the right one.

Our complimentary Medical Property Report unlocks a wealth of location-specific properties and insights that aren’t available anywhere else.

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What’s Inside the Report

  • Hand-Curated Property Collection matching your exact specifications
  • Hard-to-Find Listings found with exclusive insider real estate information
  • Robust Property Evaluation, including:
    • Sq. footage
    • Building amenities
    • Rent prices
    • Building pictures

Plus, find a property you like and we’ll send you a complimentary In-Depth Analysis on it:

Hear From the Experts

Your report is generated from the expertise of field researchers, proven rating models, quality assurance specialists, and market advisors.

Dig Into the Weeds

Learn the fine details like floor plans, location photos, and space notes.

Get to Know the Neighbors

Discover key tenants in the building, find the right professional environment, and grow your referrals.

Nail the Commute

Get the travel rundown with a transportation analysis covering nearby airports, commuter rails, parking, and a walkability score.


Who Are We

We are O’Donnell Commercial Real Estate, Inc. Over the past three decades, we’ve handled some of the largest medical, commercial, and industrial real estate deals in all of Chicagoland. And we’ve helped hundreds of medical professionals and business owners like you find the perfect location for their practice.

As tenant representatives, we can offer our clients:

  • Potential negotiated perks (rent reduction, tenant improvement dollars, moving allowances, etc.)
  • 30+ years of time-tested commercial real estate market knowledge
  • Greater negotiating power that gives you the upper hand
  • Expansive contact network of landlords, property managers, and real estate professionals
  • In-person location tours, lease renegotiations, long-term collaborations, and more

Best of all, all our fees are paid for by the landlord. Think of it like buying a house—the seller pays the realtors’ commissions, not the buyers.

And for you that means tenant representation is 100% complimentary, no fees attached!

Checkout some of our available properties!

The firm always goes the extra mile for their clients and ensures due diligence is completed, and prices are negotiated to the maximum potential.

We engaged ODCRE’s services in 2009 and have worked together since then to further the interests of our owners at the Medical & Legal Arts Building in South Elgin.

Kevin (O’Donnell) knows the market, the right people to talk to, and understands the need to act quickly.

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