A Better “Back to Work” Experience at Poplar Creek of Hoffman Estates

As Chicagoland companies continue to move back to physical locations, employees may find it hard to adjust after such a long time remote working. The conveniences of working from home can weigh on the minds, and attitudes, of employees. With it being increasingly hard to maintain good labor, creating an enjoyable office experience is important now more than ever. Poplar Creek, an office building in Hoffman Estates, offers companies the opportunity, and space, to create the best work environment for employees returning to the office. With over 110,00 square feet of space available for a suburban headquarters, Poplar Creek is an ideal location.

Wellness amenities: Already Poplar Creek includes a full fitness center on-site with men’s and women’s locker rooms. Plus the building is adjacent to a golf course for employees to enjoy during the spring, summer, and fall months of Chicago.

Creative studios: In an effort to minimize travel, headquarters have chosen to include film studios, audio sound booths, and more at their own office space. Poplar Creek has available space throughout it’s five floors for a whole array of creative suites.

On-Site meetings. Again, in an effort to reduce travel, on-site space for meetings, conferences, and seminars is necessary. Employees appreciate the convenience of taking an elevator down to the main floor vs. driving off-site for a larger meeting. Poplar Creek already has a meeting venue complete with A/V, plus the possibility for additional rooms on-site.

Employees also appreciate having an office that is convenient in regards to the location, in addition to the amenities it provides. Poplar Creek is located just off I-90 with quick access to downtown Chicago and the suburbs.

To learn more about the space available at Poplar Creek in Hoffman Estates, or other suburban Chicago office availability, please contact Kevin O’Donnell or Meredith Klug at 630.444.0444.