The Leasing Process

The real estate process for renting space can be quite overwhelming for tenants, especially with so many options to choose from. A commercial real estate broker will help navigate these options by going through a trusted process to identify the tenant’s requirements and best negotiate a lease.

Here are the steps we follow when you lease a property with O'Donnell Commercial Real Estate Inc.

  1. Determine Your Needs
    • Review your existing lease
    • Determine your size requirements
    • Define your desired location
    • Discuss your budget and timeline
  2. Provide Options
    • Broker prepares a list of available properties and “out of the box” opportunities that meet your requirements
    • You and your broker discuss options and coordinate a corresponding tour based on your selections
  3. Tour the Properties
    • You and your broker visit the sites, and view selected properties in person
    • Discuss your needs and your concerns about each property with your broker
    • Narrow the properties to a “shortlist”
  4. Negotiations
    • Your broker prepares non-binding negotiating documents for selected properties (see RFP and LOI examples) and financial analysis
    • Your broker negotiates for your best business terms
  5. Final Property Lease
    • Your attorney reviews your lease
  6. Follow Up
    • Your broker remains involved throughout the move-in period, monitors critical dates, and maintains a relationship with you