The Importance of an Exclusive Tenant Representation Broker

Many times companies start the real estate process on their own, looking for sites that interest them. They gather information by calling each property and the broker that represents it. Although this may result in the same end goal, it is often times not the most successful and time saving or cost saving method. Forming an exclusive relationship with one broker that will lead this process is very beneficial for a number of reasons.

Having an exclusive broker allows for a confidential real estate transaction. Rather than calling each interested site and identifying the prospective company, a commercial real estate broker will be able to gather all necessary information and negotiate without ever using the companies name till absolutely necessary. This confidentiality allows for less resistance from competitors and less leaking to the public of the possible real estate transaction.

Additionally, using only one broker provides better bargaining power. Having one representative for a company shows landlords and owners that the party is serious about the real estate transaction. If a landlord gets inquiries from a number of brokers on behalf of the same company, they are going to tend to think the group really isn’t interested and just “kicking tires” for information.

Finally, using only one real estate broker saves a prospect time. Rather than driving themselves around the desired area and calling off of signs, a commercial broker will have access to all listings in that area and may even know the bottom line at each site. Due to the fact that brokers work in their fields on a daily basis, they build relationships and gain knowledge that benefit their clients. The prospect should spend time working on their own business rather than juggling calls from multiple brokers and weeding through real estate documents. Having one point of contact for the entire process streamlines information.