Relocation Checklist with Moving Timeline for Businesses

Many businesses do not have a designated internal real estate personnel to manage the expansion or relocation process. Therefore the burden of a move is placed on a current staff member to undertake in addition to their current job duties. Our brokerage firm realizes this and has created a number of useful tools that can aide in the real estate process. From commonly used vocabulary to sample negotiation documents.

Below is a basic checklist for a potential move along with a designated timeline. The suggested timeline can vary on the size and type of use:

Things to Consider Immediately
Determine location, size and budget
Establish an approximate timeline and date for move
Elect a move coordinator
Specify needs (number of offices, amenities, etc.,)
Conduct search with your Broker

5 Months Prior to Relocation
Design new office space plan, including carpet, paint and window treatments
Audit existing furniture, furnishings, equipment and machines for use in the future space
Order new furniture, furnishings, equipment and machines

3 Months Prior to Relocation
Obtain bids for the movers
Obtain the bids for voice and data/network cabling for new location
Get change of address cards from the post office
Establish criteria for purging files and throwing out old materials
Contact phone and internet providers
Get insurance quotes for new space
Contact any current vendors and notify them of move (water cooler, office supplies, cleaning company)
Order new stationary and business cards
Employee briefing of new location

1 Month Prior to Relocation
Identify key contacts at new and old locations (create a master list)
Reconfirm move date with all vendors
Map out a detailed floor plan including proposed furniture orientation
Label all furniture and equipment
Change address on website and on email signatures in computers
Confirm the minimum requirements for the server room
Schedule activation time for new location
Notify post office of change of address

Last Week Before Moving Day
Ask the staff to make a backup of all important data
Pack up desks, personal spaces
Inspect the new building
Label and carefully pack shelves and shelf pegs
Check and record condition of all furniture and equipment