10 Reasons You Need a Broker

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10 Reasons You Need a Broker

If you’re on the fence about whether or not to use a broker, consider these 10 benefits of gaining the assistance of one of our experts in your commercial real estate search.

  1. It’s free

    Just like using a residential agent to purchase a home, the client never pays a fee to the broker for finding them space. The landlord or seller pays any necessary fees to the commercial brokers.

  2. Know the structures of lease/purchase

    Brokers at [company_short] work with commercial transactions all day long; they understand brokerage vocabulary and are aware of current market transactions. Using a broker takes all the guessing out of the real estate process.

  3. Have access to all listings

    Rather than just seeing what the public is allowed to see, either online for free or by driving by “available” signs, [company_short] utilizes multiple real estate databases to uncover all available properties. Furthermore, their brokers’ relationships with city officials and other industry professionals allows them the knowledge of “off the market” opportunities.

  4. Save you and your staff time

    Clients have the responsibility of running their own business. Allowing a broker with [company_short] to help in the real estate process frees up time, as the broker will be monitoring and negotiating transactions on your behalf.

  5. Minimize risk

    By working with a team of professionals, including architects, attorneys, contractors, and bankers, [company_short] brokers help to ensure each aspect of the transaction is risk-free for clients. Additionally, the broker’s knowledge of the market and industry means clients don’t have to learn a whole new trade, and can depend on their broker to give them the best information available.

  6. Team of professionals to benefit from

    [company_short] has developed a team of individuals that will help tenants and buyers throughout all aspects of the real estate transaction. From trusted general contractors and architects, to knowledgeable attorneys and bankers, [company_short]’s relationship with these professionals is passed onto clients.

  7. Ability to remain anonymous

    Perhaps a client doesn’t want the word on the street that their company or business is coming to town. By using a broker with [company_short], a client can remain anonymous throughout the entire real estate transaction, allowing the broker to be the point of contact.

  8. Access to recent transaction data for comparables

    [company_short] stays abreast of all market transactions so that clients benefit from recent sales and lease data. Keeping this knowledge current ensures clients get the best deal possible.

  9. They have relationships with local brokers and landlords

    Brokers with [company_short] regularly network with other local brokers and landlords to maintain business relationships with these people. In doing so, real estate transactions tend to move smoother and quicker.

  10. Save you money

    Abatement, moving allowance, and tenant improvement dollars are just a few ways brokers with [company_short] help save clients money. Allowing a broker to help in the real estate process means benefitting from their market knowledge. Since [company_short]’s brokers are working in the industry on a daily basis, they know what the current market trends are and what landlords will give tenants to make a transaction successful.